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Meet Custom Home Builder, Home By Walter, Inc.
Owning a home in Buffalo, NY is a major milestone – and a difficult undertaking. There are often many factors to juggle when considering home ownership in Buffalo, New York -- budget, maintenance or repairs, investing your time and money.  And not only that, but you want a Buffalo home that meets your needs, and represents your hard work -- a home that represents you, and your family.

If you’re going to spend the money, why not have the home you want?  A home you helped design?  A home of your dreams?  Homes By Walter, Inc. in Buffalo New York has 30 years experience in creating and building dream homes in the Western New York area.  Why not make an investment you can live with?  It is not only more affordable than you may think, and there are several ways it may be more beneficial.

Building custom homes in Buffalo is our area of expertise.  Working with our specialists, we give you a level of control and involvement never to be found by simply purchasing a home off the market.  We put the ability to decide pricing, design, style and floor plans in your hands – allowing you to make the calls about what suits your needs and the needs of your family.  A custom built home in Buffalo, New York is tailored to you, specifically, and your lifestyle – it is not the home you stumbled upon or the home you’re stuck with – it’s yours.  Instead of shopping to end up with something you may not want, you have the opportunity to get it right the first time.

A sense of propriety is important when you inhabit a home.  Being able to take pride in it, as well as let it make a statement about you is important – a home that is uniquely yours is yours from the very beginning.  It requires no modification and is unlike any other.  Our skilled tradesmen, designers, and engineers respond to your cues, help you develop your vision, and actualize your dream.

Homes By Walter, Inc. is family oriented, helping place families in their own custom built homes in Buffalo, New York to their satisfaction for 30 years.  Your dream home is our life’s work.